Photography is a way to capture life 1/10th of second at a time.  Until we can figure out how to slow down time, we are going to continue to capture events, parties, conferences and whatever else our clients come up with!

Our Story

Abigail Volkmann Photography was started by Abigail (shocking, I know!) in 2004.  It is hard to believe a decade and hundreds of thousands of shutter clicks have gone by since then.  AVP started out as a girl and her camera living in her studio with her honey bunny and pursuing her dreams.  That girl now has the awesome privilege of working with an amazing team of creatives in Nashville, Tennessee who all share the same passion.


Abigail's Story

Well, it is a long and adventurous story, but I think I will have to give you the truncated version here.  I mean, if I tell you my whole life story now, what will we have to talk about over coffee or while we are photographing?

I am the product of my amazing parents, I could not be anymore of a combination of both of them.  My Mom is a dreamer and writer who instilled arts, creativity and just enjoying life in my childhood. And my Dad is a business man who instilled dollars and sense and lots and lots of hard work.  So, shake that up, throw in some sisters and some pets and, voila!  You get a creative entrepreneur.

I am not sure I knew this was my dream, but I followed my path, wherever it took me, and discovered that I am exactly where I never knew I always wanted to be.

I want to capture the journey, the life, and the light of those around me and my amazing clients.